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This story when I was trying to write it i was actually trying to write like an emo kid in a sad horrible life where the town was sad and lonely but yet my classmates and me joined into the story they all helped to put his sad story into a spoiled little kid that had everything and even though he had everything he still wasn’t happy and he first wanted more and more stuff because he was selfish and ignorant. The kid hanged out with druggies and bad influences in the story but yet he was a party person that ended up really bad because all his money he had he used it as a bad influence in his life. Until one day he wanted to change things and change things into good things and so he change into heart because he got tired of his life because they all just wanted to be his friends because they new the emo guy had money so they always hanged out with him especially when he was the one providing everything because he was the only one he lived by himself and new that his new friends that were unicorns of another world. I feel like this piece is weird but yet talks about how rich kids are and how they just try to always spoil themselves and grow as a lone without true friends because everyone wants them as friends for they could help them all the time with there stuff and the rich wont mind because they have everything so some are willing to actually share once in a while of there life time. I believe this writing wasn’t meaningful to me because I was I wasn’t the one that actually wrote it I just tried to fix it and organize it to put things in order and I did get stuck once I got back to it because many of the things in the story didn’t make sense and it needed order. So I had to make it clearly and understandable to the other reader who will read this story. I believe my grammar and my spelling is fine after I had to come back and fix the story in order and to be able to balance the story into order for it wont be all over the place like if they were just ideas with no sense when I got stuck I kept re reading the sentences over and over again in the story. The story was horribly put once I got back to it. This was a horribly and sad story for a young kid to read because is more about drugs and too much parting and money. I am pleased with this piece of writing because it is true is like a piece of true life of what happens to some people because they need the attention they know they could get it however they were going to get it.


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